N88-9-M Bridging Pit Gauge System up to 28-1/2 inches Long with Metric Dial Indicator

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N88-9 Bridging Pit Gauge System
Western Instruments Bridging Pit Gauge System N88-9 - Standard Kit is up to 28-1/2 inches (724 mm) long; can be extended if necessary

Western's advancedBridging Pit Gauge Systemand our newJr. Bridging Pit Gaugetake over, where the capabilities of our standard Pit Gauges fall short, for evaluating large areas of Weightloss Corrosion. TheseBridging Bartype Pit Gauges can also be used to measure Dents and Buckles on Pipelines, Shell Settlement on Storage Tanks, etc. These various forms ofBridging Barscan utilize any of our exclusive Dial Indicators (Imperial, Metric, or Digital), with any of our Custom Engineered Contact Points.

There are several important features to aSegmented Bridge, where various elements (Blades and Tees) are assembled to form aBridging Bar. Firstly, they can be assembled to follow the contour of a slightly irregular surface. This contouring feature is important for Pipeline, Storage Tank, and Pressure Vessel inspections, where 'hills and valleys' always exist. Secondly, the models listed below are of a given length, however extra elements can be added to increase their overall length. As illustrated, these units can be assembled in Spanning or Cantilevering configurations, and finally, the Main Blade can be used individually for isolated or cone type Pitting.

Bridging Pit Gauge System

TheBridging Pit Gauge Systemallows the Corrosion Inspector to Span over or Cantilever into Large Areas of Weight Loss Corrosion, to obtain accurate and consistent measurements, or cross sections, of Pit Depth. As conditions dictate, the operator can simply use the Main Blade or can assemble theBridging Pit Gauge up to an overall length of 28" (725mm).

The contact Surfaces (Blades) of theBridging Pit Gaugeare fitted with an exclusive Knife Edge, so they can be used on Flat, ID (Convex), and OD (Concave) Surfaces, where a flat or notched contact surface can introduces error on Convex Surfaces. Like our Standard Pit Gauges, the Knife Edge gives the operator a clear view of the contact point, and the area being inspected.

With the addition of the optional Magnetic Hold Downs, the operator uses their width to quickly align theBridging Pit Gauge Systemto a curved surface. This leaves his hands free to scan through very large areas of weight loss corrosion. This holds true when the Bridge Elements have been assembled with a slight contour on an irregular surface.

NamePart NumberDescription
Pit Gauge
N88-9Main Blade, Imperial Dial Indicator, Connector Blade, 2-Extender Tees, End Blade, Slider Blade, Hardware, Extra Contact Point, and Carrying Case.
Main BladeN88-9-1Center and End Dial Indicator Mounting Positions, Cutaway Nose for next to welds. 5.5" (144mm) long.
Connector BladeN88-9-2Joins Tee Sections to increase length. 3.5" (90mm) long.
End BladeN88-9-3Mounts on end of Tee for extra contact. 1.5" (38mm) long.
Slider BladeN88-9-4Extra Point of Contact and doubles as an End Blade in Spanning Configuration. 1.5" (38mm) long.
Extender TeeN88-9-5Extends effective length of all models. 12" (305mm) long (Longer Tees are optional).
Hold Downs
N88-9-61 required for each Tee Section used. 15/8" (41mm) long.
Fastener KitN88-9-7Fasteners, Al


N88-9 Bridging Pit Gauge System Instruction Manual

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N88-9-M Bridging Pit Gauge System up to 28-1/2 inches Long with Metric Dial Indicator $760.00



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